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Mars 400 64bit Arm MicroServer is ready

Ambedded launches High-Performance 64-bit ARM MicroServer-based Ceph Storage Appliance and Web-based Ceph User Interface Manager.


% Less Power use

ARM microserver cluster consumes 80% less power compared to other leading platforms. 

% Scale-Out 

Easy to scale-out from 1 to infinite units, no hardware controller constraints.

% Easy-to-Use

The UVS Unified Virtual Storage manager makes it easy to configure, manage, and monitor the Ceph cluster.

% Captex Savings

The Mars200 Ceph Storage appliance saves 2/3 of first-cost as compared to the current market-leading SDS solution.
ceph storage use case

Ceph Storage Applications

Scale-out storage for flexible capacity requirement.
Elastic sacle-out performance on increasing capacity.
High availability to ensure multiple failure domain.
Easy to install & easy to maintain for edge application.

Ceph Storage Appliance

Infinite Scale Out with SimplicityGround Breaking Ceph storage on ARM MicroServer Cluster, Unified Distributed Storage Cluster with Self-healing, auto-balance, no single point of failure, 60 watts power consumptions (80 % savings)

  • Ceph distributed software defined storage appliance
  • Web based user interface makes Ceph Storage management easy

  • Performance and capacity scale out on demand
  • High availability to endure multiple rack/chassis/node/disk failure
  • Self healing protect data always in set security level
  • Protect data by replica or erasure code
  • Unified storage system supports object storage, SAN and NAS on a single storage device.
  • Amazon S3 and Open Stack back-end storage
  • Configurable all flash, hybrid cache tier and full HDD for wide work load
  • ARM based micro server architecture minimizes failure domain
  • Server unit consumes <60 Watts power (80% power savings)