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Ambedded Incoming Events 

Ambedded launches High-Performance 64-bit Arm MicroServer Ceph Storage Appliance and Web-based Ceph User Interface Manager 2.0
2018, September, 16

2018 eMEX , SuZhou CHINA

2018, October 11~13

OpenStack Summit Berlin

2018, November 13-15
SC18 SuperComputing

SC18 SuperComputing Dallas USA

2018, November 12-15

Ambedded Technology recently announced the general availability of Mars 400, the latest Arm based Ceph software defined storage appliance and Unified Virtual Storage (UVS) manager version 2.0, its web-based user interface.


The Mars 400 appliance is a scalable high-performance storage solution for mid- and large-scale enterprises and Edge data centers. This market leading Ceph Storage appliance is an Easy to Use, Highly Available, Resilient, Scalable solution, offering a 70% power saving over its competitive solutions.


Ambedded will be giving a lightning talk @ OpenStack Summit Berlin titled "Running Micro Service on a arm-based Micro Server Architecture". This session will share a use case of an edge data center and how to run K8S + Ceph on this hyper converged Arm-based appliance.


If you are attending SC18 Supercomputing Dallas USA, Please come and see our live demonstration @ Arm Booth #2639.

Ambedded Presents High-Performance
64-bit Arm MicroServer-based 
Ceph Storage Appliance and Web-based Ceph User Interface Manager

Ambedded again revolutionizes Ceph storage market with Mars 400 and UVS 2.0 Taipei, Taiwan - May 16, 2018

Ambedded Technology today announced the general availability of its Mars 400, the latest Ceph software defined storage appliance and Unified Virtual Storage (UVS) manager version 2.0, its web-based user interface. With the release of these 2 new products, Ambedded has again revolutionized the Ceph storage market, extending its market-leading economics with double the performance of the Mars 200, extending its applicability into high-performance use cases. UVS 2.0 simplifies and reduces the time to configure and manage Ceph clusters. Furthermore, it eliminates human error in provisioning. The Mars 400 appliance is a scalable high performance storage solution for mid- and large-scale enterprises and data centers. Its ease of management, no single point of failure, and low 105-Watt power consumption provide huge total cost of ownership (TCO) savings.

Mars 400's server platform accommodates 8x 64-bit Dual-Core Arm Cortex-A72 servers in a one rack-unit (1RU) chassis. Two in-chassis redundant switches provide 4x10 Gbps uplink for horizontal scale out and client access. It eliminates network - storage device bottlenecks by pairing a single server node with a single storage device. Every Arm server node provides dedicated CPU, memory, storage and network interface resources to its supported object storage device (OSD). As a result, OSD performance is far more balanced than traditional single-server node designs supporting many OSDs. Further, Mars 400's architecture provides greater accessibility due to its lack of a single point of failure. Also, by limiting the failure domain to a single disk, the Mars 400 exhibits faster recovery from microserver failures.

The powerful 64-bit Arm Cortex A72 server enables Mars 400 to provide much higher bandwidth and IOPS compared to its companion product Cortex-A9 based Mars 200.

Mars 400 integrates the Arm MicroServer, Ceph, and the UVS web-based user interface as a distributed Software Defined Solution turnkey solution. Ceph open source software defined storage platform implements object storage on a distributed computer cluster, and provides interfaces for object-, block- and file-level storage. However, managing and tuning Ceph to achieve outstanding performance and reliability challenge IT administrators unfamiliar with Ceph. 

Ambedded's Unified Virtual Storage (UVS) manager 2.0 is a web-based user interface that administrators use to simplify deploying, managing and monitoring Mars 400. UVS 2.0 supports the pre-installed tuned Ceph Luminous 12.2.x distribution. UVS 2.0 automates the process of provisioning Ceph as object-, block- and file-level SDS with a straightforward graphical display. UVS 2.0 includes a dashboard, cluster deployment & scaling, OSD & MON node management, object storage pool management, block image, file system support, replication/erasure coding data protection, CRUSH map configuration, in-line compression, S3/SWIFT object storage gateway and user management, multi-site active-active Disaster Recovery configuration, client user capability & keyring management, OpenStack backend storage pool management, iSCSI gateway/LUN management and much more. UVS 2.0 supports simple software upgrades without disturbing normal operations.

Ambedded will present Mars 400 at the upcoming OpenStack Summit Vancouver, Computex Taipei, and ISC18 Frankfurt events.

About Ambedded
Ambedded Technology is a Software Defined Storage Appliance solution provider. Its innovative Arm-based MicroServer provides high performance without a single point of failure for distributed storage software. Ambedded's products help customers reduce their TCO on data storage by integrating the storage server, Ceph Software Defined Storage software, and UVS management user interface technology in a compelling 1U appliance. Ambedded's Ceph appliances have won Best of Interop Storage Winner in 2016 and Computex's Golden Award in 2017.

Ambedded Week 2018
@ Germany, Belgium & Thailand

Welcome to visit our 3 events in Asia & Europe during Ambedded Week 2018.

March 10 - 16 is Ambedded week. Ambedded and his Europe & Thailand partners will presenting Ceph Appliance in 3 events.

Ambedded Mars 200 is a scalable software defined storage appliance integrated with Ceph, decentralized Arm server cluster and easy to use web-based management user interface. Thanks to it’s no single point of failure server. The smallest failure domain storage solution provides high availability SDS on both hardware and software. 

The tuned Ceph on Mars 200 provide better throughput/IOPS than Ceph on same cost x86 servers. The web-based user interface Unified Virtual Storage Manager (UVS) enables you to manage your Ceph storage without learning the Ceph from beginning. The appliance consumes only 1/3 of energy compare with x86 servers.

Beside the Ceph appliance, Ambedded also provides solutions to save your time on integrating the SDS with applications on OpenStack, S3 cloud storage, big data, edge datacenter, Docker Container persistent storage, Disaster Recovery etc.

Welcome to visit our events & see how we can solve your storage issues and save your total cost of ownership.

March 12-16: CloudFest, Europa-park Germany by Starline & EuroStor

March 13: SiS Solution Showcase, Thailand by SiS Distribution.

March 14 & 15: Data & Cloud Expo, Brussel Belgium by Ambedded.

Best Choice Golden Award 2017

Computex 2017, Taiwan Taipei

Today Computex Taipei 2017 announced the Golden Winners of the 2017 Best Choice Award, recognizing innovation from Computex exhibitors across 17 categories in Cloud, IoT, AI and Enterprise Technology. These groundbreaking IT products and services tackle new problems or offer innovative ways to solve existing problems.

Ambedded Technology won the Best Choice Golden Award 2017 with the Mars 200, which serves the exploding cloud services and enterprise storage markets’ demand for high-performance, low-cost, energy-efficient, standards-based Software Defined Storage systems. By integrating open-source Ceph storage software with an array of ARM-based microservers, and managed by a uniquely intuitive web-based GUI (UVS Manager).

The Mars 200 provides a resilient cutting-edge solution for distributed SDS architecture with remarkably low energy usage (80% below its competitors!), high performance, built-in disaster recovery, redundancy, and easy management for datacenter and enterprise customers.

Critical to support capacity growth, its Scale-Out Flexibility provides linear scalability in both storage performance & capacity, radically simplifying storage and cluster management.

Furthermore, decomposing the legacy monolithic x86 processor into a cluster of ARM microprocessors underpins the design principle eliminating bottlenecks and single-points-of-failure, greatly improving resilience and reliability.

Responding to its architectural flexibility and cost profile inherent in the Mars 200, marquee installations and high-profile trials already include telecom providers such as SFR (France), electric utilities in the US and Asia, with use cases spanning from cloud storage service to expansive Hadoop analytics systems and applications such as edge datacenter for massive data aggregation.

Today, Ambedded actively collaborates with Red Hat to promote Ceph Storage in the datacenter & enterprise markets, sharing the belief that open-source storage software (Ceph) on a distributed architectural platform promotes a synergistic SDS solution.

OpenStack Summit Boston 2017

By Ambedded Technology, May 11th  2017

How Ceph Performs in ARM Microserver Cluster?     

The Ambedded demo Mars 200 Ceph Storage Appliance at RedHat booth during OpenStack Summit Boston on May8~11th, share with the Ceph users how to deploy, configure, and manage ceph storage onto an ARM microserver platform with easier way, also we share our design concept and performance testing result at OpenStack Ceph Day.

Best of Interop 2016 Storage Winner

By Ambedded posted May 5th, 2016

Las Vegas, NV – May 4th, 2016 – At its 30th anniversary event, Interop Las Vegas today presented Ambedded Technology a Best of Interop Award, recognizing Software-Defined Storage Appliance for its role in advancing the Storage space. In each of the award program's 10 categories of IT innovation, Interop named the exhibitor whose new product or service has made the most significant impact on the industry.

For a full list of all 2016 Best of Interop Awards winners, visit:

Ambedded Technology is glad to participate INTEROP Las Vegas and share the 1st ever Software-Defined Storage powering by ARM server, with his Unified Virtual Storage Manager, a simple interface provides un-limited scale-out, flexible and sustainable solution for enterprise and datacenter usage.

Traditional server architecture is not a perfect fit for distributed storage because network is usually saturated with low CPU utility. And using virtual machine or multi-deamons carries the risk of multiple lost storage devices when single server fails. Ambedded Technology aims to address those problems with its microserver architecture designed for distributed storage..

Ambedded's architecture provides each storage device with its own low-cost, low-power consumption ARM-based microserver. Multiple microservers are linked together in a 1U server chassis with an internal switch controller to create a cluster fabric. The Mars 200 is an 8-node cluster that uses Ceph and GlusterFS to provide software-defined storage for object, block, and file storage.

Ambedded's product should be the first of many inexpensive Ceph solutions coming out over the next years. Although It's unclear how big a role micro servers will play in the future of storage, but the direction Ambedded has chosen is sure to stir up the market.

"Congratulations to Ambedded Technology and all Best of Interop winners, as these distinguished technologies are playing a major role in defining the IT industry's future," said Interop General Manager Jennifer Jessup. "As we celebrate a big milestone in Interop's history, we're excited to see Ambedded serve as a representation of today's highly sophisticated IT environment – a testament to how far IT technology has come in the past 30 years."

The Best of Interop Awards were judged by an expert panel consisting of 20 influential IT practitioners, analysts and professionals. Each category was assigned two judges who selected the winner after holding a series of briefings to evaluate demos and business cases.


For a full list of all 2016 Best of Interop Awards winners, visit:

Software Defined Storage power by Arm based microserver cluster

By Ambedded posted October, 2015

There is a huge and increasing demand for storage in data centers and enterprises. The Application is king, the OS is the heartbeat and storage is the lifeblood. Without storage, none of these apps would have anything interesting. Traditional storage mechanisms like NAS & SAN are scale up devices and have a limit to scale out, the marketing is oriented toward a durable, highly concurrent and large-scale ecosystem.

Today Software Defined Storage has made it possible to ARM-Based Micro Server - MARS 200 overcome such limitation and have petabyte scale-out possible. Ceph & GlusterFS are open source software defined storage platforms designed to present object, block, and file storage from a single distributed computer cluster. Their main goals are to be completely distributed without a single point of failure, scalable to the Exabyte level and highly reliable. You can add any number of nodes and any number of hard drivers to the cluster. The hard drives can be different sizes, types or maker too. You don’t need expensive RAID cards.


Ceph & GlusterFS has its own way of replication. The more nodes you add the more reliable the storage will be and the better will be the performance. It is ready to be integrated with your existing infrastructure of OpenStack/CloudStack. If the cloud is to deliver high performance, reliable and resilient storage, the cloud needs to move beyond the SAN. Distributed storage speaks to the fundamental difference in scale-up architecture in SANs to the scale-out of the cluster.

Reduce the TCO significantly, which is important to the customers as they start building the next generation of the scalable infrastructures that must be very competitive in terms of the feature set it provides and most importantly the cost. The other factor that adds to the cost is the increasing amount of rack space and power consumption. You keep on adding servers as your customers demand and this increases your capital expenditure and also operating cost too.


Ambedded’s software defined storage appliance is powered by ARM based microserver cluster. This gives you tremendous TCO reduction by using much efficient hardware platform.

The main features of ARM based microserver cluster infrastructure 

  • Dedicate resource on CPU, DRAM, Network and Storage bandwidth for every single storage device to provide stable performance
  • Aggregates network bandwidth to eliminate the bottleneck in a very low cost way
  • One microserver connects to only one storage device reduces the lost of single server node
  • Reduce cooling cost of your server room as it generates much less heat
  •  Benefit low power and low hardware cost of the hardware

Ambedded software defined storage solution makes your storage business become more competitive. Welcome to visit Ambedded Technology at Cloud Expo Frankfurt booth 449. We will demo our ARM based software defined storage in our booth. Please event registration, please visit: