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Ceph Storage Appliance

Unified Virtual Storage

Multi Storage Protocol Supported

It supports Object Storage, Block Storage and file system in a single system. Data are distributed evenly to all storage devices in the cluster. It also supports OpenStack back-end storage such as Swift, Cinder, Nova and Glance. Through its built-in protocols and gateways, Mars series can easily be used as Amazon S3, Swift, Ceph RBD, iSCSI LUN and POSIX compatible file system for different application service.

Ceph Management GUI

UniVirStore Manager for Ceph Storage

Managing Ceph cluster is not a easy job. Ambedded UniVirStore (UVS) Manager enable you to manage Ceph storage immediately. You don't have to learn and deploy Ceph storage from scratch. UVS manager provides clear dashboard for monitoring the cluster healthy. With UVS, you can build a cluster in few minutes, scale out the cluster, create object storage pools, virtual disks and file system. Check the UVS manager introduction for details.

Arm Based MicroServer

Mircoserver acting as Neural Network 

Ambedded distributed platform connects each disk drive to a dedicated micro server. They acting as server cluster in one server chassis. Any server node failed wont affect others. This innovative architecture minimize the failure domain to a disk unit instead of many disks become un-accessible in one server for many disk architecture. Storage cluster is scale out by connection Mars storage servers by top of the rack Ethernet switch. Ambedded Mars ARM based micro server reduces 80% of power consumption compare to the same density x86 server.

UVS Manager
Software Stack

Ceph Managemenet GUI

Ceph Management GUI

UVS Manager
Easy to use web-based GUI to enable user deploy, configure, manage and monitor the Ceph cluster, with just some simple clicks

Unified Storage

Object storage can be used as Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift storage with build-in gateways. You can also access the object pools directly through Ceph software library.

Block storage can be used as Linux virtual disk. The iSCSI provide virtual disk for Windows and virtual machine hypervisor use. 

The POSIX compatible file system can be used for Linux file sharing and replace NFS and HDFS of Hadoop.

Mars also support OpenStack back-end storage for Cinder, Swift, Nova and Glance.

Scale Out on demand.

Data Protection and Auto Balance

Scale out and Auto-Balance

UVS manager can scale out the capacity on demand without interrupting its service. The system performance is linearly and unlimitedly scale out together with the storage capacity. All storage nodes will automatically re-balance the workload whenever there is new node joining or node failure.

Replication and Erasure Code

Replica is good in I/O performance and can be up to ten replications of data. Erasure Code is flexible on setting and efficient on storage space. Data are evenly distributed among the storage nodes, the data keep secure if the node failure number is less than the setting number via the UVS management tool.

Self-Healing and Fault Tolerance

When any storage disk or microserver fails, UniVirStor Mgr. will detect the abnormal automatically, and the cluster starts to regenerate the lost data copies on parallel, distribute the copies into the cluster per the crush rule as user defined. All the actions is controlled by software intelligence without human hand in.

Decentralized Risk Level

With UVS manager CRUSH Map algorithm, system can store data replications to different chassis or racks or location to reduce the data lost risk due to single point of failure. The decentralization can be controlled by few click in UniVirStor.

Ceph Appliance Mars 200/400

Mas 200, Mar 400 is Ceph Storage Appliance based on Arm base MicroServer architecture
Fully Distributed
MicroServer acting as cluster

8 independent Linux servers in a 1U chassis, acting as 8 nodes in a private cloud, with peer to peer 5Gbps in chassis communication.

Minimize Failure Domain 
No  Single Point of Failure

Each micro-serve owns dedicated disk, if any micro-server failed, the impact only on his dedicated HDD, not a punch of disk as x86 server architecture 

Eliminate Ethernet Bottleneck
Dedicated  bandwidth for Data I/O

2 switch module (failover), support up to 40Gbps uplink in a 1U chassis (Mars200),  The bandwidth could fully satisfy the microserver cluster in 1U chassis. 

Green Solution
 Less than 60Watts in 1U chassis 

1U chassis storage server only consume 60Watts (not include the disks), comparing to other x86 storage server could be 320+ Watts (exclude disks)  

Simple Design with High Availabilty